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Hi, I’m Marvin Serwanga

Copywriter and Content Creator


2022 - Present

Video Editor and Social Media Manager

  • Editing live stream videos from YouTube with iMovie.

  • Designing YouTube thumbnails on Canva.

  • Responding to feedback from subscribers and making recommended changes.

  • Increased the YouTube channels' views from 1.4k-1.8k to 2.4k 

  • Increased subscribers by 166%.

  • Monitoring YouTube KPI’s

  • Brainstorming ideas and features to incorporate into future projects.

GCSE I Kelsey Park Sports College 

2003 – 2007

BTEC I Harris Academy 

2007 – 2009

BA I Teesside University

Sep 09 - Nov 13



Social Media

Video Editing



Let's collaborate!

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